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Timba Cuba Festival
Timba Cuba Festival
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Join the first edition of the Cuban summer beach festival by Yeni Molinet, that gathers together enthusiasts of salsa cubana (casino), rueda, afro-cuban folklore, rumba, popular cuban dances, cubaton etc... for a memorable special event with dancers from across the globe!
Look at the lovely topics highlights of your weekend of the 27-29 of August 2021:
1.   You can take part in a great Cuban festival, enjoy a summer beach holiday in Portorož, visit Piran, all in one trip!
2.   Workshops, concert and dance-parties, all in the same hotel complex, directly by the beautiful sea of Portorož.
3.   Hotels and entry tickets with incredibly low prices, expecially if you book right now!!!
4.   An education program of workshops with world renown artists, exclusively Cubans.
5.   Live CONCERT by a top level Cuban orchestra on Saturday and dance parties with experts DJs of Cuban music.
6.   Dance-shows (maximum 10, only on Friday night, NO shows on Saturday or Sunday).
7.   Presence of international people, coming from all over the world, with great passion of cuban music, dance and culture.
8.   Optional boat trip and dance-party on board to visit the historical and beautiful city of Piran on Sunday.
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